Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Heard on the radio today that YouTube is going to take down all those music video as they can't afford to pay the songwriters, or they rather not want to pay any additional more to the songwriters.

A bit drastic, I suppose.

Too bad for people like us who wants instantaneous music video whenever we want it.

I have to agree that YouTube's high traffic is mainly due to people viewing music video online.

I might be wrong, but if the Performing Rights Society wanted to demand more money and then YouTube said no, and the PRS decided to change their mind, yet, YouTube is not taking any further nonesense from PRS, and pulled out all music videos to UK viewers, then wouldn't it be a loss to YouTube AND PRS??

What were they thinking?!

Maybe YouTube know better...

YouTube Video Block on BBC


Giovanna V. said...
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Anonymous said...

Aren't you from RGU? You did your Masters there as well isn't it? And you work in M&S? Haha!