Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Last Friday, I decided to travel up north earlier than usual after my site meeting.

On the way, I was starving from not having anything since I woke up. Halfway through the meeting, someone was making toast in the kitchen and my mind wandered elsewhere thinking of toast and fried eggs sunny side up... Yum!

Anyways, I decided to stop at Little Chef somewhere after Stirling before Greenloanings exit.

I often travel pass Little Chefs along the motorway tearing travelling between Glasgow and Aberdeen. But I actually got to know Little Chef a little better through the programme 'Big Chef Takes On Little Chef' earlier this year.

Anyways, since I was starving and requiring to stop for lunch, I grab the chance of having my meal at Little Chef.

I had the Fish Pie and a glass of Coke.

The meal felt like a long wait. Perhaps I was really hungry and it was just cooking at the normal time scale. But the meal was worth every minute!

The fish pie kept very hot for a very long time as it was cleverly cooked in the ovenware. It was a little salty for my taste but the filling was tasty and the fish was cubed evenly and neatly.

I planned to have dessert after the meal but was stuffed.

Service was really good as the waiting staff who served me was attentive and perhaps a little over 'enthusiastic'. Except for him trying to clear off the sauces while I was still having my meal, I would say service was perfect!

Overall, I think the price was reasonable, about the same price of a meal at a proper pub. Which is good, as more often than not, rest stop meals are often over priced and taste awful (according to TOH's words).

I find the place look really charming. It may still have the same red covered seats, the fading table tops, but it provides a charm. Perhaps a new lick of paint and brighter lights might help during the winter days, I donno. I was there, sitting by the window basking in lovely sunshine. But, why would anyone wants a contemporary revamp of the place?

Plus, the toilet was clean and tidy. They even provide you a selection of toiletries!

, it's not a big selection but tell me how many restaurant / cafe provides this kind of selection. LOL...

Not forgetting, a nice lolly for the journey too!

Overall, food was fresh and tasty; decor was clean and service was excellent! I would definitely be back there again, with TOH in tow of course!

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