Tuesday, 27 February 2007

day off

I seemed to be complaining that I don't get enough day offs - yes its true. Probably this mug has been signing so many hours, somehow blindly or just mugly.

Anyhoos, it was good to have a day off. And I think I spent it really well - at least, that is how I wish to think of it.

Had a nice lie in, had a good chat with Ian the electrician (there should be more nice people to chat with around...), watch a movie alone (Yes! I finally did it, watching a movie by myself), spent a brief time with Jenny and then with SH, and to round off the day - a nice steamboat at Yin and David's with their friends.

I was supposed to go and watch the multi award nomination/winner "The Queen" but after Ian left and all the dilly dallying, I would arrived missing the trailers, which to me, its the important bits of the movie watching experience(!) So, I went to watch "Notes on a Scandal".

I find the movie quite mind intriguing. The storyline was interesting. But the one thing that hit home was about how we trust another person, especially when we are desperate or we thought that person was our friend. Oooh... quite spooky. But think about it, if that person we trust, was it because we really trust them? Or we were desperate for someone to hear us out? Or just plainly that person was made available to us in some ways and possibly stalking us, in a way?

We never think that by telling this someone our secret that that person has an advantage over us. That possibly one day the secret would be one that will be used to threaten us or to blackmail us? Hmmm...

But watching the movie in a totally new environment, a quiet cinema in the afternoon, you sit wherever you please, it was just so fine. At least for me. I thoroughly enjoyed me time. Ahh... bliss!

I even had the joy of watching "A Tonari no Totoro" or "My Neighbour Totoro" in cantonese. I had been craving so long to watch it. Dreams come true! More bliss!

Guess like Sonja said yesterday, we should love ourselves more. And I will be doing more of this!

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