Sunday, 19 October 2008


It started out as a belated birthday celebration.

My treat to TOH to Edinburgh Zoo... So much for trying to wake up early, at least, by the time we arrived at the zoo it was only 1210pm - we left Glasgow at 11am.

It was a lovely day (by Scottish standard). Actually, it was a beautiful October day. We were prepared for the day, so a little shower now and then wasn’t that bad. At least when the sun was out, we did felt the heat.

Edinburgh Zoo was worth every penny we paid, and we even got £1 off each! - that was a bonus. The zoo is located on a hill so there was quite a bit of walking but it wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be. The zoo bus to the top of the hill wasn’t on a regular schedule the day we visited it.

The only part that was really difficult was the last leg of the hill to the hill top for the views. Other than that, it was a good walk on a lovely day.

The interesting thing that we noticed is that most animals are in pairs. It was almost like Noah’s zoo!

My fav couple pic.

Their tails were entwined together. So lovingly.

So is this couple of one horn rhinos.

Okay, so they are not ‘entwined’ but just lovingly cuddling together.

Our fav cat.

The Pallas Cat. So cuuuute!

The newly opened Budongo Trail was amazing.

This chimpanzee enclosure is equipped with all the tools suitable for education enhancement and is kids friendly too!

This is Cindy, she is 44 years old. That is quite old, I think - considering chimps live up to about fifty plus years old in the wild and sixty plus years old in captive.

The zoo has an incredible collection of animals - 160 species.

The highlight of the day was seeing the Penguin Parade!

Everyday, the penguins come out for a stroll around this particular path or circuit. And they do it on their own accord! Apparently, the amount of penguins out for walkies is uncertain, just depend on how many feel like a stroll.

Contrary to what it is like keeping penguins in Asia, the penguins here just sit out in the open. I wonder if the water is in a colder temperature or not. So is the polar bear, it just sits outdoor and not in an air conditioned enclosure.

Edinburgh Zoo is definitely worth a visit. It is also very accessible. And it doesn’t smell like Zoo Negara.

Depending on how you see it, some animals will be in the indoor enclosure keeping warm instead of roaming about in the open. Only down side is that some animals will be hiding or hibernating with the onset of winter. I can’t remember which animal, but one of it has been hibernating since September!

I think the enclosures were cleverly designed as well - like having passages where animals can travel between enclosures, almost like a Habitrail.

I’ll upload more pics on Facebook.

And as I said earlier, my birthday present to TOH, which somehow turned out to be our 14th month anniversary celebration. Unknowingly.

Actually we both enjoyed ourselves so much that we forgotten it was the 18th. At least, it was a fantastic day out!

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