Tuesday, 14 October 2008


RICS’s isurv describes itself as ‘the definitive knowledge base for property professionals’.

If you go to its APC Channel and click on any of the titles under ‘Sections in APC’, you can find the competencies descriptions in it.

But... the best thing about this site is that, for every competency, isurv provides ‘recommended reading and services’ material!

isurv also provides various other reading materials for your training or your day to day job. Although, be warned, that some (or most) contents will require subscriptions. You will need to check that your company has subscribed to isurv and that you have access to it as well.

Anyway... Now you have no excuse not knowing what to read.

This is really starting to worry me - that there is so much to read and I haven’t been doing enough in the past twelve months!

At least now I know and I will have to read, read, READ!

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