Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Did anyone know that there have been changes to the APC process???

Read Jon Lever’s article, ‘APC Tips: Recent changes to the APC process’ on Building website.

The article summarises the recent changes.

Then go to RICS APC to read on what has been changed.

For anyone sitting for Final Assessment from 2009 onwards, these changes affect you.

That means all of us who are still recording our diary, and referred candidates.

RICS has provided a comprehensive guidance for your APC. You can get the following from the link:

1. APC candidate’s guide
2. APC / ATC requirements and competencies guide
3. APC guide for supervisors, counsellors and employers
4. APC pathway guides
5. Rules of Conduct - Guidance notes

First of all, read up on the updated Candidate’s Guide, which everyone should have a copy handy for reference. This was recently updated in December 2008.

For UK candidates, you will need to read through the changes in the APC Templates, for non-UK candidates, please go to the link at the end of the second paragraph provided on RICS APC Guidance Notes.

For us UK candidates, read what is provided in the APC Templates. This article explains the changes in APC templates in December 2008 and the way you submit your Final assessments.

There are pathway specific Excel workbooks (located on your right on the APC Templates webpage), which you need to download for your pathway, to be completed for your Final Assessment submission. This workbook should be updated every quarterly.

The Interim Assessment has been deleted from the process.

There are no changes to the APC diary, and Supervisor Report and Counsellor Report templates.

However, I did not check if there are any changes to the RICS Structured Training template. I suppose it is a template (?) after all, for guidance.

There is also a guide on how Final Assessment Submissions should be sent to RICS.

All the above mentioned documents are available for download. Documents for download if not appeared as a link on the article will be available on your right: PDF downloads, Word downloads, and Excel downloads.

So that would be your reading exercise and updating your pathway workbook for this week.

I’m going to speak to my Supervisor and see if the company is aware of the recent changes, read the new workbook and updated Candidate’s Guide, and start filling up my pathway workbook.

Don’t you just hate it when these changes occur when you are halfway through your training?

p.s.: Please click on ‘APC journey’ link below for my APC experience. It is based on my experience and opinion only. Please check with your Supervisor, Counsellor or local APC Doctor if in doubt.

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