Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Well, I live for dramatisation!

Just heard from mom last night that she has decided got the builders to lay cement on the whole garden, leaving only parts of the ground around the red and bottle palm trees.

Now, if you know me, I’m bias toward gardens.


Not clear?


Back home, we have a rather large garden by the side of our corner lot house. It is so big, that it has been mistaken that there could have been another house on that plot. And that is partially the reason why we have two numbers to our house. Partially.

I remember when we first moved in, there wasn’t much grass, as you can imagine what any newly build houses are like. Unlike new builds in the UK where you get your ground area turfed, ours had patches of grass and plenty of lumps.

Mom’s ingenuity and effort had turned the garden into a nice lush green grassy land.

Yes, we still had some of the lumps and yes, we still had some bogginess after it rains. Still, the lush green of the grass was divine!

Then we lost part of the front share of the greenery for a more practical reason. We had replaced it with interlocking bricks to park our cars.

In some ways, I see mom’s point to the cemented ground, less hassle and maintenance. But I can see many other negative points as well.

You will still need to sweep the ground. You will still need to clean the area. Even though there are trees around, the cement will absorb the heat during the day and release it in the night, and we’ll end up having a warmer area, instead of a nice cool garden for BBQs or garden parties.

And don’t get me started on the location or condition of the area or what ifs of the workmanship...

Concrete is so unsustainable as well. Besides the material itself is unsustainable, it will prevent water to be absorbed into the ground, disrupting the natural process of the water cycle.

I know. Besides mom, hardly anyone does the garden anymore. I used to do it now and then when I was back at home. And it is very unpleasant when you had those mosquitoes attacking you while you do your gardening.

But that doesn’t mean we had to get rid of the garden.

It doesn’t mean that by cementing it, there won’t be any mozzies.

Now it’s going to be like my aunt’s compound.

I will miss the wonderful times we had in the garden - BBQs, mooncake festival, and garden parties.

I will miss you beautiful green grass.

I will miss watering the grass when it was hot and dry.

When I was last back in KL, I said to TOH, how much I hated a garden being cemented or equally bad, tiled up. And here we are another statistic.

Gone will be the great and wonderful dreams of having a nice green garden with pergolas and sitting area.

Gone will be the ideas of beautiful landscaped garden.

At least, we managed to spend a little time together when I was last back.

Just like the idea of the shed, this whole cementing the garden is a really bad idea. It is going to be fugly.


And I know it is not mine or my money. But still...

I’m really upset about it for all that anyone cares.

Goodbye garden, you’ve served us well.

Garden (1995-2009).

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