Thursday, 22 July 2010

Right. Yesterday’s post was rubbish, if I say so myself.

It was unfair to just plonk in a post just for the sake of it when my brain was a mush from doing cost plans all day.

Anyways, my 30th birthday was better than envisaged, which IMHO is always good. Life's little bonuses, I would like to think of it as.

My birthday started with the arrival of cards and abundance of wishes on Facebook. My two Aberdonian men gave me pop up cards which I love to bits.

My BFF Ryan made an appearance by travelling over to visit me plus treating me to dinner at Sarti the night before.

For my birthday, I baked some banana split cupcakes inspired by Cupcake Project, after doing a test batch. My earlier desire to have black forest cupcakes, which is one of my favourite cakes and thus become the birthday cake of tradition if it is not blueberry cake, turned out to be disappointing during the test batch and I also quickly realise that not everyone like cherries. I still have to try baking it again one of these days.

My colleagues at work sprung a surprise and presented me with a chocolate tray bake with candle, birthday banners, two birthday songs, and a birthday card. Oh and how can I forget about the balloons!

My close friend Chuah and his mate Chee Meng provided excellent company to Japanese food at Nanakusa on Sauchiehall Street.

Then I went home to a lovely bottle of cherry beer.

Although I had greater plans months ago about a potential picnic, a dinner night out at the swanky Living Room on St. Vincent Street, and even a World Cup themed BBQ at one point, didn't turn out as plan; my birthday yesterday was one of the better ones I had for a long time.

I wished that TheOtherHalf was around to celebrate it with me (hopefully in the near future when we are not living apart) and my friends. And somehow I felt a bit nostalgic thinking about my family and missing them - my grandparents, parents plus stepmom, my sisters, my half brother and my wee niece; you may even say that I had a wee bit of homesickness (not something that happens often).

Still, I am thankful for the abundance of well wishes and love showered to me. It reminds me of how blessed I am.

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