Tuesday, 23 November 2010


I’ve fallen off the writing bandwagon again.

All the good plan of blogging again somehow went out of the window.

To blame the tools, I would say the lack of access to Blogger is my main issue. Nonetheless there is always way to get around to that. I just have to do it (blogging).

Somehow at the same time the writing juices don't seem to flow anymore. Recently, I had a chance to look back at some of my earlier musings and noticed the quality of writing seemed better then. Perhaps I had a lot of time in my hands or maybe I had a lot to talk about.

Anyways, it is close to year end so there are a lot of reflections and a lot of catching up on what has happened in the year that I have not blogged about.

Hopefully I will be able to spend a bit more time writing again.


Anonymous said...

Farmville also might have a lot to do with it ;o)

Suzanne said...

Yes possibly. ;0)