Friday, 22 October 2010


After months and possibly years of contemplation, last night I have finally put not one but two items on eBay.

I'm not sure why I had procrastinated all this while, it could have been I was afraid, not sure how to do it, what is the best way, would it be worthwhile, etcetc, OR just pure procrastination.

Although I had bought stuff on eBay in the past, not very frequent as the last time was more than two years ago, I have never sold anything on eBay before.

I have also looked at the selling guide many times but still haven't had the courage or even possibly the initiative to sell.

But that is now all history.

Last night after my initial fix of Farmville, I jumped onto eBay to get a start.

I had earlier done my research and typed out my description for the two items that I want to sell. First was a fancy dress accessory - Toto the dog from The Wizard of Oz, I bought for a fancy dress party two years ago. I've only used it the once and always intended to get rid of it since I doubt I'll have any use of it in the future. The second item was a pair of red glittery ballerina pumps I bought ages ago. I love the shoes but I didn’t wear it as often as I should, perhaps I didn't have much occasion to wear glitzy shoes like that.

After some fiddling and setting up it finally went live late at night. Apparently statistic shows that the best time to end your auction is on Thursday lunchtime or Sunday evening.

Since I needed to offload Toto and have it sent in time for Halloween (that is the intention), I had to put it on a short auction of three days. This will end just before the end of Sunday night.

Whereas the shoes are suitable for any occasion, I had it on for seven days to end next Thursday night.

Now, I'll just need to get them packaged waiting for the winning bidder and payment to clear so I can send it off on its way.

I'm so nervous and excited about it and have checked my listings a few times since going live. I hope my photos justified the items and will generate a fair amount of interest and attracts some good bids too.

Fingers crossing...

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