Monday, 10 January 2011


In my previous post I listed some things I would like to do in the new year. And first on my list is the One Hundred Mails Project.

In a time where people don't send enough mails in the post and forwarding emails as a sign of they are still alive and thinking of you, I thought why not support the mailing service and spend a little time writing to people. Of course, wouldn't it be nice to receive a mail in the post that is not a bill asking for you to stump up your money, or worst, junk mail to 'The Occupier'.

It does seem like a mean feat one mail in every 3.65 days 3.56 days, less than 2 mails a week!

TheOtherHalf's initial reaction is "imagine the postage!"

Perhaps I can keep a record of the postage too to see how much it would cost my little project.

Ideally it would be good to send 365 mails but lets start with a more manageable target.

In this One Hundred Mails Project, mails are sent to individuals and not organisations.

To start this project, I will be posting a Wedding Congratulations Card to a colleague down south who what-are-the-chances is the wife of a very old college friend. Such a small world!

Hopefully I am more organised to be sending out birthday cards and other seasonal and celebration cards.

Here goes...
1-99 Wedding Congratulations Card

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