Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Now that we got all the unhappy part out of the way, I have some exciting news.

Twelve New Bakes

The last time I baked in 2010 felt like forever ago. And with the lack of guinea pigs willing volunteers, I was apprehensive producing home bakes. No point baking for wasting.

Then one weekend I made soda bread and then I thought "why not bake 12 things I have not make before"?

And so one of my new project to the To Do List 2011 will be "twelve new bakes".

One new thing a month, should be easy peasy right? Cupcakes, cakes and muffins of all variants should not be counted (because I have made them in the past), but I suspect I might bend the rules. So watch this space!

Scout Adult Training

I have started my Scout Adult Training last week, Module 1: Essential Training and another tonight, Module 3: Tools for the Job.

I will need to have a look at the whole programme and see how am I going to complete the 37 modules in three years to get my wood badge.

I’m really looking forward to this!


And on the note of training, I will have to touch on the dreaded APC Training.

Well, it is unfair to call it "dreaded", even though it is "dreaded" because it feels like it is taking forever. But I have only myself to blame.

Anyways, after going for my Adult Training Module 1 and see how easy it can be to complete a module, I was thinking, to make the APC work for me (and hopefully something I can devise and be useful for future candidates), I will need to break down the APC competencies into smaller modules and goals for me to achieve.

To do that, I will have to put aside time and sort myself out. Wish me luck and I hope to continue to blog about my APC again soon.

I will keep it short for now. Hopefully in the next few posts I will talk about my Scout involvement, my other projects or things that I have been doing. Do leave a comment so that I know that there is someone out there reading my rambles.

Btw, a wee update on my One Hundred Mails Project...
2-98 Birthday Card
3-97 Birthday Card
4-96 Birthday Card
5-95 30th Birthday Card

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