Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Yeap you read that right.

Many times I do wonder if anyone has ever thought of creating some way for your thoughts that you want to post in your blog to be drafted out, then when we have the chance, to edit it before publishing.

You know the times when you lie in bed just before you fall asleep, the times when you are doing your chores or running your errands.

The things that are on your mind when you are driving, or even when you are emotionally charged with passion, enthusiasm, or even anger.

So many times I wished there was some way that this could happen. Then there will be more posting.

I'll get there somehow. Someday possibly.

In the meantime, as always you'll just have to wait for me to sit down in front of the computer or like now posting this from my mobile on the train home.

Perhaps it is as good an idea.

Or perhaps a chance to try out the Android voice recording function, which I will blog about the fantastic function one of these days.

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