Sunday, 19 May 2013

gardening 2013 - wild flowers

It's not a new thing for me but thought I start journaling this hobby of mine.

This year I thought I give it another go on planting the wild flower patch. Last year we cleared an area at the bottom of the garden (not our garden because we both live in flats) where a holly bush once resided. Assuming that the wild flowers would grow magically we didn't put much effort into it, the next thing we know the area was covered in weeds!

Ok, truth be told we couldn't differentiate between seedlings and weeds. Unfortunately all weeds and seedlings were turned over.

Thus two weekends ago an area of that patch was marked and new seeds were sowed. 

Imagine my disappointment last week when nothing grew (!), and I'm suppose to be one of the more patient people around.

Thankfully today, two weeks later, with some much awaited slightly warmer temperature, some tiny shoots sprouted in the wild flower patch - exciting~ 

There were also some wee shoots out of the marked area just around an old tree stump - could've been from last year's seeds.

Hopefully there will be some success on this area. Separately I've sow some seeds in my flat to be planted out in the same area - will share about that in future posts.

Lastly, just wanted to share that I wasn't impressed that the local kitty pooped in my wild flower patch. Think I was a bit loud exclaiming my findings earlier when I was weeding the area and very close to accidentally touching it. Close call indeed.

Bad kitty.

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