Wednesday, 29 May 2013

human beings funny creatures

You know the age old saying. How true it is.

Due to volume of work, workload pressures, and more recently changes to circumstances, I've been clocking in long hours. 

Today I had a chance to finish work earlier, well, on time actually and I did nothing much all evening.

Finally got to the IKEA Sale tonight - disappointed, because the things I wanted to buy are not on sale. However, all is not a loss as managed to make some decisions on my furniture to be purchased. Hopefully will put in my order, get them picked for me and delivered.

Case in point on my indecisiveness. Oh decisions decisions.

Wednesday for me is a rubbish night for telly. It's one of those nights that there is hardly anything that strike my fancy. I could've carry out quite a few chores but I didn't. I was just lazy and tired.

In the end I watched a Singaporean DVD I bought during my trip back to Malaysia earlier in the year - Ah Boys to Men.

Personally, I thought my youngest sister must've been joking when she recommended that I watch this movie. I wasn't particularly impressed with the first 10 mins. I'm glad I persisted. In the end I'm now trying to find a way to watch the second part.

So how does the title relates to my rants so far?

Well, true to form at some point tonight  the following crossed my mind, "if only I was working" and "Wednesday is definitely a good night to be working late".

*smacks head*

I'm definitely a workaholic glutton for punishment and hard to satisfy.

Better go to bed as the battle continues tomorrow.

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