Monday, 25 August 2008


I’ve always been thankful for all the facilities that are provided here at the client’s office.

I remember how impressed I was that tableware and a dishwasher is even provided!

However, people get complacent when good things are provided to them.

They misuse the providence. Sinks are full of unwashed tableware and cutleries. The dishwasher was full but no one put on the load. And when they’ve all been cleaned, the dishes and mugs lie asleep in the dishwasher. Oh yes, not to forget, people who put in dirty dishes into a newly cleaned load.

Now, where is the common sense?

For as long as the dishwasher has been here since I’ve started working at this site, I believe there has been numerous breakdown of the machine.

What happens then?

The sink gets full.

Tea or coffee stained mugs piled up high. People knowing that the machine is broken (because there was a rather obvious sign) still place their dirty tableware and cutleries into the machine, possibly expecting a miracle.

People here also have a few very bad habits, like if they spill milk, coffee or sugar on the worktops they can’t be bothered to wipe it clean.

Then there are the phantom lazy ones who I don’t know for what reason whatsoever cannot throw their used tea bags into the bin, which is located like three to five steps away from the worktop. Where do they throw you ask? In the sink! Now, who is going to clear that away for them???!!!

Let's not go to where people put their used mugs in and around the rooms/office...

I’ve prolly tidy up and clean up the kitchen quietly a few times as the mess do get on my nerve. And it is a good distraction when I needed time away from my desk.

The point is that why can’t people clean or wash up after themselves? It is not like we have a person full time here to make sure the kitchen is clean throughout the day. It’s not like people are uneducated, for goodness sake, they work in an office!!!!!

Eventually, the facilities team got fed up as the kitchen was becoming a tip.

So, four months ago, an email was sent out to people within the office...

...I would expect that anyone using dishes would wash up after themselves but as this is not happeining (sic) it leaves us with no alternative to remove all dishes from the area. Staff would then be expected to provide their own crockery and wash it as you use it.

The dishwasher will be removed and washing up liquid supplied and roller towels put in place to dry your cups etc.’

Not long after that email was sent out, the machine bid farewell to us ungrateful sods.

Somehow today, there wasn’t any washing liquid available. Don’t mention the milk for the drinks. *sigh*

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