Friday, 1 August 2008


August marks a milestone for me.

I have been working for my current company for exactly a year now.

In thirteen days time, it will be a year since I started working and living in Glasgow.

Eighteen days time, it will be a milestone for TOH and me too.

One year. Three hundred and sixty five days.

Interestingly, this is my year reflection.

Unfortunately my mind is plagued with so many things that I can’t think properly or gather my thoughts to put it in words.

The past year of professional employment had been rather interesting, more so in the last few months.

Living in Glasgow opened my eyes and mind to the various places of interest in and around the city.

I made new friends who I am close to. People who you can share a banter and enjoy the times together, meeting up with old and new acquaintances, made this city less of a lonely place.

I appreciate the people who are patient, friendly and even at times caring towards my work life and my life in general. People who generally care.

For every person who does care, there are also those who say things for the sake of saying things. I’ve learnt to accept that there are people who say ‘hi, how are you?’ for the sake of saying it but doesn’t really care whether you are fine or not. They don’t care if you had done much or not. They just ask for the sake of asking. Which often I just wished they don’t ask if they don’t want to know. A simple ‘hi’ would be sufficient.

There are the times that I struggle each month, thinking initially I did so well, learning and improving from the previous month’s experience, only to find out that it is not good enough. Those were the days I struggled, doubting my worth and contribution to my work life existence.

As much as I dislike politics, I am required to learn the politics and diplomacy of work. Which can be annoying but interesting at the same time.

Then there are the differences in cultural background. The acceptable and the unacceptable. And more recently, a person who don’t get the hint.

There are many times I feel battered to a pulp yet needing to continue ploughing through all conditions.

With that, equally there are the many times I’m proud of my contribution to this facet of my life.

Every year, there will be many examples of learning, improving, elation, disappointment, and dishearten emotions to go through.

I don’t know what the future working years will bring but I know the above emotions will carry on at least another thirty years. *goodness that sounds long!* And I can only hope that there will be more joys than sorrow.

I guess all I need is enthusiasm and drive.

Come on, bring on working life!

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