Wednesday, 13 August 2008

I went to AD earlier this morning and said ‘HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!’.

It’s to our year working in this office and friendship. Silly I know.

A year ago today, both of us were this two fresh faced strangers sitting at reception waiting for the relevant person to come and show us to our desk, which, much to our dismay, no desk. Were they not expecting us, since the week before?!

It was great having a fresh faced companion to go through the past year with me. We stuck by each other and help each other out, more like having AD for me to emo to, tears and all. So embarrassing!

Am actually very privilege that way, made good friends with AD.

The learning curves had been steep at some point - I stirred some trouble, and learnt a lot in the process too.

A year on, I never thought that I would go through putting forward an unacceptable behaviour complaint, declining one drunken interest and fending off a freaky weirdo.

Being the nice person that I am, it was an achievement sending out an email that goes like this.

Hi xxxx, Thanks for your invitation but I’ll have to decline. I want to be clear that I’m not interested in going out with you. Regards.

All in a year, in this client’s office.

Ten lessons from the past twelve months. I’ve learnt that...

One: It is important to have everything jotted down or sent in an email as a written proof. It doesn’t matter how big or small the matter.

Two: Just because it is acceptable to some, or nobody says anything, or people are ignorant about some things, doesn’t mean that you have to accept and keep quiet.

Three: It is not a bad thing to stir trouble. I’ve prolly caused quite a lot of trouble intentionally and unintentionally at work.

Four: Not to be afraid of being whiny or a big baby. Chances are if a matter bothers you, it is a matter requiring resolution. No one should bottle it all up.

Five: Everyday is a school day. Be open to learning and accepting the various issues in the work place. Diplomacy and politics are words to remember.

Six: Besides work relationship, the only other relationship with colleagues is friendship. Anything else is not acceptable.

Seven: You are never alone. No matter how insincere some people are there are still a handful of people who really care, even if it is just one person.

Eight: Enjoy the work at hand. It is easier this way than to hate what you are doing. If you hate what you are doing, take action, chances are you are in the wrong job. No one deserves to be unhappy.

Nine: No one deserves to be bullied, whether at or out of work.

And lastly, Ten: never be put off by bad experiences.

Achievement in the year:
Not sure if ‘acquired two stalkers’ should be the highlight.

I don’t know what will happen in the coming year and I don’t know who else I will meet or get acquainted with, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

The past year has brought me colleagues who I can call friend, who I can confide in with confidence, and those I can gossip with.

Just as the business I am in, the client I am with, and just with nature of life, people come and people go, I just found out that The Big Guy will be leaving soon to another area within the business. He will be deeply missed. I dread working with the guy who we will be reporting to since he is not that nice a person plus he is a perve. Wonderful. OK, maybe that is not fair - we'll just have to see how we get along then.

Likewise, AD will be also be leaving this office not long now and move on to another client’s office. I will miss him dearly, all the banters, emo-ing, and outing during lunchtime.

To AD, thanks for being a great friend!

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