Tuesday, 14 August 2007


Arriving in Glasgow on Sunday, I was annoyed to find out that the subway closes at 6pm. So I missed the last subway to my accommodation near Botanic Gardens.

After some fretting (what's new...) I finally got the bus to Hillhead. Walking through the Botanic Gardens, the rolling sound of the wheels from my trolley bag broke the silence of the peaceful park surroundings. It was a really nice park, I must say.

The Queen Margaret Student Residence (University of Glasgow) was a really impressive accommodation. I have a very spacious ensuite room, with a large study table, loads of wardrobe storage, phone, internet access and even a tv jack! Talk about comfort! It is miles better than what I've seen in RGU or AU. The common room has a nice and well equiped kitchen and spacious lounge with tv.

After a quick bite I took a walk to my office. It wasn't the best journey as it did pass through some rather dodgy area. The walk was 50 minutes, there were some uphill and I don't think that is what I want to do everyday. Mind you, if I do walk to work everyday, I would definitely lose weight, even if it is just a week.

So on my first day of work, I have a walk to the subway station, took the subway and then bus to my office. The journey was about the same 50 minutes but much safer. I wasn't too impressed.

I started work with another guy, who was from my company, in the same situation as me, working for the client. What was even more disheartening was that the office did not preprare desks for us, we didn't get a pass for the doors, no induction, no access to workstation or email. That was a great welcoming! Not!

The day didn't go on too well, I think by lunchtime I just wanted to go home. Home to Aberdeen! I was feeling rather down. The pile of reading material given too us wasn't helpful either. I was so bored I could die!

I met up with a girl who I met in church on Sunday, in Anniesland, where she lived. I thought I want to live in Anniesland since it is just a 10 minute train ride into work. I can't deal with travelling, first day blues, and looking for a flat. By the end of the day, I was so depressed.

So, so, SO depressed!!!

This morning, I was walking through the Botanic Gardens to the subway station and I thought, hey, I could do this, walking through the Botanic Gardens everyday. The subway and bus ride to work today was much bearable.

However, I did have my first encounter of an unfriendly Glaswegian.

I got kinda emotional on my way to work. I thought to myself, I can't be doing this everyday. I can't be crying everyday. So I sort of accepted the day and thinking about what my client boss said yesterday that 'everyday will be a better day'. It did help though, with me blasting My Chemical Romance, it's my new anti-stress music, since I don't have No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom.

Which was great. I had a great day today! It was so much bearable. I found something interesting to read on the intranet. I didn't fall asleep and I didn't feel bored. Me and the new guy, I must think of a name for him, hung out for lunch today. And it was a great day for us newbies.

Although I must say that today we both moved to two different desks, still no access to doors or computer. :( Not impressed.

So my current status: nomad. Nomad at work, and sort of nomad in Glasgow. Okay, I shouldn't say that, I have a nice accommodation, it's not that bad. But I just want to get my own flat and settle down here!

Soon. I must be patient.

I'm looking forward to work tomorrow. (A real change compared to what I felt on Monday night!) I need to find out if I can blog from work.

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