Friday, 10 August 2007

moving on

There comes a point in life you just bite the bullet and take on whatever that comes to you. You know that it is about time. You trust that it better be good. And you just earnestly hope that it will be.

Last night was TS's leaving do.

While sitting at Wild Boar with TS, his beautiful other half, and our friends, I can't help reminising the times we all spent together. Since most of us worked together or used to worked together, it was nice to think about the banters and gossips we shared, the annoying customers we had, the times we had been spending together, and so on so forth.

But it does come to a point that we all have to move on. Me going to a new city, a new job, a new exciting phase of my life. TS moving home, to a better life, to be closer to his dreams. Mrs. T-to-be is engaged. And the others in their own time, going on to better things in their life, more exciting experience that each of them will savour.

I grinned at myself, for not wanting to move away from my comfort zone. All the cool people have move on. Some of them also move away from the city. It is just inevitable. Sometimes it is just better to leave the familiarity to something more exciting and pleasing.

I know I will miss the city that I have called home. And I will miss my friends, close friends and those whom I call family.

But it is a step that I must take. It is a step that eventually all of us will take.

Drink log: six Gin & Tonic (one was spilled by the clumsy cow!)

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Andrew said...

I'm alive. And back. :-P Glad to know that people care...? Still slightly confused at it all, but laughing on the inside ^_^;;