Wednesday, 8 August 2007

guitar day

Am so shattered!

Last night's David Buckingham's guitar performance was really good, in fact it was excellent! The opening performer, talented Ian Watt who is from The Broch (Fraserburgh) entertained the crowd sitting in the candle lit club.

Both performers had the crowd thirsting for more of their music.

At the last minute I managed to get KW to come along with me. We had so much fun at the concert and a good chat the whole night.

I only went to bed around 3am!

Drink log: 3 bottles of Magners, 3 Gin & Tonic

This morning's guitar workship with David Buckingham was ace!

No one turned up for the workshop except for me. So I had a private lesson from a professional. How priviliged is that!

David was very patient. I haven't played classical guitar for years and after two hours of lesson I left with a strained wrist, stretched and numb fingers. David was very encouraging and I learnt to play the SoleĆ”. Now all I need is lots and lots of practice! It is a really good piece.

Anyways, if you are interested to listen to David's music, click on his name to his website.

It has been a glorious summer day. Came home from the workshop, quick vegetation at the computer and then out for some sun before meeting up for lunch (or in my case brunch) with AZ. Which in the end turned out to brunchner or breakfastlunchdinner. Man I'm so stuffed.

Being stuffed and shattered, the only way to end the day is to vegetate in front of the idiot box watching Heroes. Bliss!


magmag said...

Heroes!!! So addictive kan ? Keke have fun getting OD'ed :P

Suzanne said...

Yeah, I know... There were two episodes on tv! After watching it, I went online wanting to catch more. But I know better to go to sleep. Was really tired. Can't wait!