Wednesday, 15 August 2007


A few times I got roped into conversations about winning the lottery ticket. The most obvious question is what would you do if you won £1m?

That is obviously a big sum of money to spend on, compared to many of us don’t even have a fraction of that money stashed aside. My friend, Ian said that he will need to take time off to think about what he is going to do with the money.

Honestly, I’m not sure what I would do with the sum of money. Go on a big shopping spree? It’s only common right? So, typically, that would mean, buying things that you’ve always wanted: something that is a necessity, such as property; luxury vehicles; go on holidays; designer stuff; so on and so forth.

Pay off debts. It would also be sensible only to invest some or a certain part of the money so that you can have a never ending supply of money.

Many spend it on their family and friends, not forgetting donating to various charities.

I think that is about all what many would do.

Life’s just rather predictable.

Maybe the only difficult part is to really think of what you want to spend on. Even if say, buying a car, there are just so many choices, or even buying a watch, the theory is the same.

But whatever each of us decide to do with the money, there will always be a long list of possible way to spend.

However, the most important thing is win the ticket.

Over the weekend, a lady from East Kilbride (about 10 miles outside of Glasgow City) won the Euromillion Lottery Jackpot of £35m (click for news).

Lucky for some.

Now that is an even bigger sum to £1m, it will take 35 times more to think of what to do with the money!

Since I’m moving to Glasgow, maybe just maybe I will have a shot of winning something from the Lottery.

Now, I just need to go and buy myself the winning numbers.

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