Thursday, 30 August 2007


Yesterday I was ‘moaning’ that I’m not sure what I want to blog about.

Then I had the most ‘exciting’ evening anyone could imagine.

After viewing a flat on Hutton Drive, AD drop me off at the traffic lights at Anniesland. After saying my thank yous and goodbyes, I closed the car door on my right thumb!

I just did what I normally do, close the car door and touch it to make sure that I have closed it properly. However, yesterday it must have been a case of my hand touched the door too fast and the door closed too slowly on me.

I was like ‘owww’. Thinking back I was wondering how come I didn’t reach out with my left hand and open the door but I was actually holding my bag with my left. Of course at the same time I was also just ‘telepathying’ AD to open the door please. He did. I just said that it was okay.

Speaking to him this morning, he said he was sort of grossing out on his way home thinking about it. :P I can’t help saying to him ‘a rugby player like you probably has seen more blood and gore than this!’

Anyways, I was holding on to my thumb walking to the bus stop. I didn’t know I was trying to control the thumb from bleeding or trying to control the pain. It was all blue black and bruised. I was thinking of crying but I didn’t.

I got some plaster from the Central Services Building at the student accommodation. Clean up the wound and potter about my usual things in the evening.

Yes, it was annoying and painful. But I don’t think I broke anything. I just felt numb. Other than that I just felt that I don’t know what to feel.

Anyways that was not all the exciting stuff.

Someone broke into my room while I was in the room! It’s bad enough if your room is being breaking into but with you in the same room!

I was reading on my bed when I heard banging on the glass. Didn’t thought it was my own, I was thinking it must be some boys playing next door. Then I thought it was gun shots, still thinking and believing elsewhere. You can’t blame me believing that there is a possibility of guns, since gun crimes are high nowadays.

When the sound stopped, I noticed that the first pane of glass was broken. I grabbed my phone and went out the room. Shaken by the whole incident and wasn’t very sure what to do, I called TOH. While speaking to him over the phone in the hallway, the second pane of glass broke and I just ran all the way to security.

In normal or other circumstances, I would have probably confronted the perpetrator, had I seen him. Because I wasn’t sure if he was armed or not (especially if it was a gun), I rather not see him or even want to face him. It is hard to say in this time and age, what could happen. Two months ago there was an
attempted terrorist attack at Glasgow Airport and last week an eleven year old boy was shot dead in Liverpool.

It was more important to save my life.

After we managed to get hold of the senior resident, the three of us went back to the flat only to see that the room has been ransacked!

The first thing I noticed missing was my work bag. I was really annoyed and frustrated because everything was in there: my wallet, travel pass, work pass, cheque books, library book, and a list of non monetary value things (which most of them are important things) and then later I realised my iPod as well!

Sitting on my bed all I can pray was ‘Lord, help me understand why this is happening!’

I was moved to another room in another block. While waiting for the police to arrived, I had to make the necessary calls. It took the police quite a long time to arrive. In fact I had to wait for almost two hours!

I was very disappointed. I’m rather surprised with myself that I stayed very calm all time. Very annoyed. Yes. But I was still very calm.

When the police finally arrived, I was very relieved. All I wanted to do was to give my statement and be done with it. It was a good thing to see a good looking policeman and a pretty policewoman.

There were really nice and friendly. PC Andrew Murphy tried to make the situation relaxed. To my great relieve, they have recovered my things. All of them! Even the watch that I didn’t realised was stolen because I only started wearing a watch again a few weeks back.

What took them so long was they stopped a suspicious looking guy (and possibly arrested him then) while on their way to see me.

Whatever it was I was so relieved.

It has been a terrible evening for me and I was glad it was over. PC Murphy took my statement, I signed on his wee notebook, and that was all I needed to do. No need for me to go down to the station.

However, they have to take my things for photographic evidence. So I had nothing on me. I had to borrow ten quid from a stranger. Hopefully I will get them back by Friday lunchtime.

Funny thing is that there were quite a few helpful people. Of them, there was the security guard - Kenny, two senior residence - Rebecca (on duty) and Nico, a very very nice guy - Jack, not forgetting PC Andrew and PC Cecil. And I am thankful for each one of them.

Almost forgetting... I'm thankful for TOH as well. Although he was miles away, he did what I would have done and said what I would have said to anyone who was in the same situation. And it was comforting. Very comforting.

When everything was done and settled, I finally went to bed around 3am. So I really couldn't be bothered if I arrived to work on time or not.

I’m considered very lucky to be able to have all my things recovered. The chances of things like this happening are not very high.

I roughly think I know why this happened to me, but I believed there is more to it. I’m sure one day I will know why.


why said...

Glad you're ok!


monica said...

hey there suzanne

Thank God you are dad was shock to c how efficient the police there are...being able to catch the thief immediately is really something amazing..and getting back all ur u can't take safety for granted...take good care k..