Thursday, 2 August 2007


Just got back from Glasgow. Good closure.

Work started yesterday. Had a meeting with Client which I will be confirmed working for (since the last Client found someone more experience than me...). I'm supposed to be starting work in Client's office on Monday but has been postponed to the Monday after that. So here I am sitting at home, shaking legs, trying not to look like a wreck, and getting paid for it.

I'm so blessed!

In reality, I'm supposed to look for a flat, sort things out over here, pack and be prepared to move down once everything is settled. In the mean time, I will be shuttling between Glasgow and Aberdeen, with stopovers in Perth and Dundee (well, the bus stops at those cities... lol). 3 hours and 15 minutes, 149 miles each way. Again, I'm so blessed to get my temporary accommodation paid for in Glasgow.

Met one of my colleagues (woooh... work mate!!!) who is assigned to the same client yesterday. He's Malaysian and has a huge, I mean HUUUUUGE kalikai on his neck.

Malaysia memang boleh! (Malaysia absolutely can! - ask me if you don't understand)

It was good to finally(!) see Craig and Ally after much delays. We had a really nice and relaxing evening. We got some really fine Malaysian take away... Yum! Although, we did say that we must not frequent there once I move down. Since both of them love Malaysian food, I may as well unleash some of my cooking confidence cooking up some Malaysian food. After all, we all are skint pups... hehehhee...

This Malaysian Chinese restaurant (Asia Style, although I think the menu printed the name as Aisa) serves 'Malaysian Pancake'. Craig was telling me how amazing the pancake was. And looking at the chinese name for it 'poh piah', I was like why not, since it's been so long that I had one. Thinking that it is the usual Popiah we get in Malaysia, I was really anticipating it, since our dearest Craig said that it comes in a really big portion.

With visions of big, fat, filled Popiah in my mind I was already salivating. Only to find out it was Roti Canai (Roti Parata)! Much much MUCH to my disappointment. It was freaking £2.50 each!!! I could just go and buy the frozen ones and cook the curry to go with it! For that price there would easily be six or eight in a pack.

Anyways... it was good though, since haven't had that for a while, too. But STILL!!!

In some ways can't wait to go back to Glasgow, 'cos there is so much to sort out. So much to explore. So much to find out of.

TS must be laughing no, the usual sniggering of my antics. I think he will also be saying 'I told you so!' or at least throwing me that look.

Yes, you were right.

In a totally unrelated issue, it's so annoying that the postal workers has decided to go on strike when I'm waiting for my Amazon purchases!

In more randomness, was listening to The Feeling's 'Love it When You Call'. What's wrong with you calling her?! I'm sure she LOVES it when YOU call too!

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