Friday, 20 July 2007

i finally did it!

As impulsiveness is making its round, I finally walked into HR today. Asked when was the best time to leave the company. Spoke to my section manager. Typed out my resignation letter. Voila! I'm leaving the Company!

In many ways I can't believed I did it!

I was just smiling the whole day. Coast to coast I mean ear to ear. I was so pleased with myself. Then I wrote down my birthday in the diary for tomorrow's date <21st> and turned to the 28th, and wrote 'SUZANNE'S LAST DAY'.

About nine months ago, I remember saying to POCO I'm not sure if I can leave the Company. I can't let go of the staff discount. And when I need to buy anything, will he buy for me? Obviously he said yes.

Who knows he actually left the company before me! Well, I wasn't really looking for a job at that time.

Anyways, someone looked into the diary and came and interogate me. And I said, yes, I'm leaving.

In some ways there wasn't much fun. 'Cos many people knew that sooner or later I will be leaving. No fun! :(

Anyways, the fun part was when people asked me what I was going to do? I said, 'I will be sitting around, shaking leg and look pretty!' Only to realised that no one understands what 'shake leg' means. Urgh!

So I said after that when anyone asked, ' I will be sitting around, doing nothing and looking pretty.'

Truth is, I didn't really know how to explain what I will be doing. So if anyone was interested and asked, I'm going to be an Assistant Project Surveyor.

Exciting! Exciting!!

On a different note, I kinda regret cutting my hair. :(

It's just that my hair has become wavy and not straight or at least so straight anymore. :(

My hair is not as smooth and in place like yesterday. Its gone all wavy!!! Crisis! BooHoo... And I wanted a low maintainance hair! Not one that I have to put stuff in it, blow dry to perfection (or straighten with iron), put more stuff in my hair for the shine. Yeeoow... :'(

But it was nice that Chic Chick said that she like my hair. She was the first who noticed that I cut it. And she loved it. :D

Scottie, whom I played a really good prank on once, which no one thought I could ever be such a prankster, noticed that I cut my hair. :)

*Sigh* I'm a bit torn on my hair now... :(

Let's give it a few more days. :|

On the other hand, I had a great morning today! After a long silence, my biggest crush texted me this morning. We had a great 'converstion'. *Sigh...* How nice...

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