Sunday, 29 July 2007

sundays are made like this

I survived the farewell.

It's not as dramatic as I hope it would have been. Probably my fault for not making a big announcement. But hey, small fry, small goodbye?

That's just life.

After all I'm a drama princess and I crave for attention(?!).

I had a great night out. Great location: Prince of Wales. Great people: Surrounded by my best friend and closest friends. Man! I'm gonna miss those people. But as good friends go, I do hope that we keep in touch. It's not really easy but an effort definitely well worth it.

Somehow, again, it's funny that you become close to people when you are leaving. Sigh...


Anyways, waking up today I realised and was kicking meself to no end, that I didn't took any pics last night. Urrrggghh.. SO TYPICAL!!!

*kick kick kick...*
*kick kick kick...*


There is this weird feeling. What is going to happen now? What am I going to do from now? The feeling of lost and fear somehow was slowly sinking in.


In the mean time, let me enjoy this Sunday.

After falling in and out of sleep, chasing various dreams, I finally opened my eyes, snuggling in bed, texting. Yup, what a way to spend Sunday mornings.

Took me a while to decide what to do. But I'm glad, I finally(!) got my hair coloured, had a bit of facial, cooked my version of stovies, cleaned the flat a bit and then vegetate in front of the computer.

Sundays should definitely be made like this. Bliss!

Of course, how can I deny myself some fine retail therapy? Damn internet shopping! Must. Control. I'm so needing to control myself.

Still kicking...

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