Wednesday, 11 July 2007

aberdeen walking tour

I was awaken by a phone call this morning (Tuesday). So much for trying to have a peaceful-no-worrying-what-time-to-wake-up lie in. Fretted around like a headless chicken before finally going back to sleep again. What a pig! -_-'

I guess one reason that I didn't really wanted to get up was that it didn't seemed sunny enough for me to tear away from my bed and being under my duvet. Wait a minute, it wasn't even sunny at all! Seems awfully perfect to stay under the cover with my beloved.

Went about doing my chores and then later met up with TS for a chat. I definitely needed a dose of it.

After that we went on our usual walks around town. We were lucky that the sun was finally out at that time!

One thing I love about our walks is that there are lots of discussion on architectures around us. I have learnt a lot and given a lot of my opinion (no matter how silly and possibly shallow it may sound). We can spend hours just debating a place or location. I love especially when I realise that I can be very vocal about certain things. Sometimes I think, maybe it's just because I'm comfortable with the person I'm speaking to. Still something I need to work on when with others.

Through these walks not only do I learn of local architects, types of designs and reasons for the designs, I also learnt history of the city.

I find and realised that there are not enough appreciation towards designs in the city. Hopefully one day those important people out there will realised that and put in some effort to bring up the city. In the mean time, I know what I want to do when I get my very own DSLR.

Anyways, in true guided tour style...
TS: The last stop of our Aberdeen tour is Bon Accord Square.

Thanks for the guided tours, everytime!

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