Friday, 27 July 2007


I'm so drained.

I'm trying to change my sleeping pattern. And it has not been very successful.

#1: As much as I want to sleep earlier but I don't do it. Another case of the want and action does not tally. Even if I do sleep early, I end up waking up late. Or a case of waking up, look at the clock, go back to sleep.

#2: I'm not sure is it because I had been thinking too much. Adding the usual unnecessary stress to my already complicated and chaotic life. Why do I still do it? Urrrggghhh!

#3: Maybe I had been doing too much in too little time.

#4: Maybe I need to change my diet as TS commented that a good diet will lead to a healty and better life.

#5: Maybe I just need some time out. I will get a lot of this from Sunday onwards, until... until the time comes.


I love my roadtrips. And I had the chance of another roadtrip last weekend, playing tour guide to my Aunt's friend from Adelaide, who was on a round the world trip.

So 590 miles in three days. Which one day includes a 270 miles return trip in a day to see the client of my new job.

Day 1: Royal Deeside
Cambus O'May Suspension Bridge-Ballater-Balmoral Castle-Braemar

View from Cambus O'May Suspension bridge of Deeside

'By Royal Appointment' crests located on many shop fronts in Ballater. The town which provides Balmoral Castle most of their essentials.

Balmoral Castle. The Royal family's summer holiday home.

Day 2: Aberdeen-St. Andrews via Coastal Trail
Aberdeen-Stonehaven-Arbroath-Carnoustie(Scottish Open Weekend)-Dundee-St. Andrews

Arbroath Abbey

Dog Driver!

St. Andrews

Day 3: Aberdeen-Livingston

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