Sunday, 15 July 2007

the persistent bug

I hate being sick.

This year, I had fallen sick too many times. Well, more times than I usually do in a year. Sigh... Sometimes I wonder is it because of stress? The unnecesary stress of my so called chaotic life.

Maybe I haven't been taking good care of myself. Had been having a rather hectic time (or so I would like to think). Worrying too much probably as well. Or I just caught the bug? I hate to think that I have hay fever. As much as I don't ever Ever EVER want to admit that.

Living life in denial, yet again!

Anyways this time round, what started as a dry throat then irritated my throat more, which started with coughs. Then somehow it turned into more cold/flu symptoms.

I think I already had my year's worth of sickness. Should really spring out of it!!!

*Waving a magic wand above my head...* I will not fall sick again, at least for a while until end of the year.

In total randomness, I went to my colleague's evening wedding reception, Saturday evening. It was a rather interesting affair. I can't forget when she first gave me the invitation, I was so excited cos I've never been invited to a wedding here before. Anyways, I gave her hen shine (or hen night) a missed, which I think turned out for good as I heard it turned out rather eventful.

Anyways, I hope everything goes well and hope that they have a beautiful life together.

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