Thursday, 19 July 2007


Today has been a rather impulsive day. Sort of.

Impulse #1: Haircut

Ever since I knew Paul is a hairstylist, I thought 'Why not have him style my hair? One day'. I spoke to him once that I will come by to see him, soon. That was weeks ago.

Finally today, I walk into his workplace without an appointment. Luckily there was a slot in 10 minutes. It was a very interesting experience as I sat there for 1 hour and 40 minutes, which I think must have been the longest haircut I've ever got.

However, I must say that in Paul's capable hands, I felt at ease. This would be my second ever haircut in the UK!

Reason being: 1. I don't believe or rather, practicing having my hair cut every seven weeks. I normally have my hair cut/trim/whatever every year, around Chinese New Year. The last time I visited a hairstylist was 9-10 months ago! 2. It is cheaper to get a haircut in Malaysia. I normally spend not more than RM15 (£3) on a hair cut. Just cut. No wash, blow, all those nonsense. My last hair cut, dry cut, cost me £10. And I cringed at how the girl cut it! Okay, the most I've ever spent on my hair was RM400 (£60) on rebonding. The most money and time I've spent on. Was in the hairsalon for 8 hours?!

Aneeeways... Paul was meticulously layering my hair and styling it. Before that, I had to have my hair washed, even though I just washed it 30 minutes ago. I think I almost fell asleep at the chair! Goodness!!!

After all the snipping, blow drying and styling later, I left with a rather interesting fringe (not too funky), plenty of hair on the floor (Paul said I had a lot of hair and I say that I drop a lot of hair everyday too), and £34.20 less (luckily for student discount!) . Interesting fringe, cos the hair keep falling on my face. But it's good. Have to see what TS is going to say about it, since he suggested that I get a fringe. Actually, it's not much of a proper fringe, I'm so going to be strangled! hahahaha...

I had fun though. Proper professional cut. I will go back there again. A friend of mine only let his hair styled by Paul. So I trust him!

A nice pre-birthday present!

Impulse #2: M&S Sale

The M&S sale started today. I planned last night to be there by 8:30am for the bargains and I plan to buy work clothes.

Come 8:30am, I was still in bed! Otherwise, this posting may just be about how sad I am waking up to be the first few there. Although, there are people waiting in queue for the 5:30am (I think...) Next sale, normally.

I don't normally go to a sale, because I find that either there are too many people in the queues for trying or the tills, or the sale items are a mess. Many people here, normally buy the clothes, go home and try, and if unsatisfied, come back (to a queue) and get a refund or if lucky an exchange. I just don't really see the point of buying something only to realised that it is not suitable or you can't get the size you need. So I brave through the queues and patiently wait for my turn each time.

However, after one set of luxurious duvet cover, a pair of tights, a pair of trousers, three sets of lingeries, three shirts and five skirts later, I think I almost break the bank. On top of that, I realised that I somehow bought too much to carry. I had to go buy some stuff at the chinese grocers and pick up a visitor from the bus station. So, I do what I normally do with my food bought there... I have it home delivered! Only...

Only that if I brought £50 worth of food, then I can get free delivery. So... more impulsiveness. Okay, I did sort of plan to buy some stuff, but not so soon.

Home delivery: free
Haircut: £32
Food: £51
Clothes: £165
Shopping spree satisfaction: priceless!

Goodness! Thank god for staff discount!! Can't believe I can spend so much in a day! Well, in SH, now christened as POCO (How cute! Like a penguin name! Blessed! x), words 'as long as I'm happy'. Very true...

This shopping trip will last me for a while...

There goes my bonus...

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