Sunday, 8 July 2007

american chris

Time flies when you are having fun. This is the summer of departures.

We all knew AC was leaving soon. But you never imagine how soon someone is going away until the air tickets are bought and leaving do is confirmed. So after work on Friday I went to meet up with AC and his friends.

We started off at Braided Figs on Summer Street, then moved on to dinner at Filling Station. After that, more drinks in Under the Hammer, Monkey House and then to Priory and Espionage for dancing.

It was a night of many firsts: my first trip to Braided Figs and Under the Hammer. Haven't been to Priory and Espionage for eons.

AC's ex-colleagues were a really nice bunch of people. I told him I hope my future work colleagues will be as cool and friendly as them. It was nice to go out and just enjoy oneself. I had too many drinks that night, ten to be exact: six bottles of Magners and four G&T.

By the end of the night, there were five of us left. I danced so much, had so much drinks spilt on me (grumble grumble). While dancing with AC, he fell and brought me down with him. It wasn't until morning that I realised how dirty I looked! Such a minker!

After the clubs close and everyone left, I went back to AC's to help him pack the rest of his stuff. We planned to go watch sunrise down at the beach and have greasy breakfast, I mean proper Scottish breakfast. However, that didn't materialised after I said I need a lie down.

The next thing we knew, it was time to go to the train station. Sadly, AC unceremoniously or ceremoniously, depending how you see it, missed his train. So I waited with him for the next train. It was a sad goodbye but I was quite numbed by the experience. Probably I was too tired.

Looking back at AC's time in Aberdeen, I have learnt quite a lot from him, enjoyed good conversations with him and enjoyed his company. He is one guy that I know talks a lot! I'm not complaining because I know I am going to miss that, a lot!

Other than TS, AC is the other person responsible for my increased drinking and tummy from the alcohol. Well, besides the fact that I should drink less, I am so going to miss all those good times.

I'm looking forward to my trip to Boston to see AC when the time comes. Oh yes, I will remember to bring your beloved books with me.

In the meantime, this song is for you, AC!

But then last night was so much fun
The streets are dirty too but
You never look back over what you've done
Remember when you were young
You'd lose yourself
In the morning, you know you won't remember a thing
In the morning, you know it's gonna be alright

Thanks for a great night, I had a wonderful time. Thank you for your friendship and many words of wisdom you had left me with, I will miss you so much! All the best in your final year and I look forward to seeing you soon! xoxox

p.s.: I am so gutted that I lost my favourite bangle. It was irreplacable... *sob sob*

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