Monday, 2 July 2007

rediscovering scotland

Funny how when you go to the same place for the second time, the impression and memory can be different?

Earlier in the year I visited Dundee with my cousin and her friend. It was quite interesting as this time I felt that there is so much more to Dundee compared to the few times I've been there. I guess what made the difference was that instead of driving around the city, I had not much of a choice but walk into the city. And what I found was that there was this whole new undiscovered aspect of the city. It was like Wow!!!

Being the fourth largest city in Scotland, I felt that Dundee has more to offer compared to Aberdeen. Especially on the shopping aspect. Hmmm... when will we catch up? Not only that Dundee seems more arty and cultured, of course the scene is not as big as Edinburgh or Glasgow. But definately bigger than Aberdeen. They did say that Dundee is the 'City of Discovery'.

Today, my mini trip to Glasgow was rather interesting as well. I didn't really took much pictures but there was a good rediscovering of this city.

I remember years ago my first visit to Glasgow and my first impression of it was not very good. And I sort of decided that its the worst city I've ever been to in Scotland. Little did I know there was so much to see. While taking a nice stroll along the streets, my eyes capture mini photographs of various places in my mind. I could have done more with a camera but I wasn't really in the mood to take pics from my camera phone.

Whilst in Buchanan Galleries I saw some framed paintworks of the city and possibly that was something that opened my mind as well as trying to find out parts of the city that were in those pictures.

I guess if you look really closely the various style of buildings, the city does make it quite an interesting place to study the architecture and design of it. Take for instance the office I've been to today was a rather interesting studio. Large spaces but not much natural lighting. What does this place used to be? The fittings in the place seems like the orginial, is it? I'm so intrigued!

Of course no trip to Glasgow can do without some shopping!!! Goodness I'm such a slave to shopping, not to mention going to M&S. Sigh... Someone once said 'even on your day off!!!' So another aspect of the city that I've discovered is that there were so many shops for shopping!!! I almost went mad.

But then again, me being me, I'm rather fussy when it comes to shopping. Especially sale items. Wished I can just dive in like any shopaholics. Just that I have this thing that if clothes are untidy or there is a lot of them on the rack, it is a turn off for me. So yup, you hardly see me shopping where the good bargains are. Not that I don't want to... *Shakes head*

My trip ended with a nice meal I treated myself to at this Japanese noodle bar. Feel so contented!

Come to think about it, having a city pedestrianised does make a lot of difference actually. Hmm... think Aberdeen should seriously consider it. Can't deny though the new Bon Accord Master Plan does look rather promising.

I must make a special photography trip to Glasgow once again, when I get a proper camera.

Will it fall from the sky?

To those of you who were rather concerned about the news in UK... The massive flooding down south in England since last week is slowly, very slowly receeding. It will possibly be gone next week but the damage will take days, weeks or even years to recover.

Suicide bombers or bomb attacks in London and Glasgow airport: seven people has been caught but everyone still carry on their lives as normal. What is really disturbing is that the bombers this time round are doctors, professionals and they are foreign. That means that they are unlike previous cases of angry young muslim men who are British. Whats going to happen now?

Police presence are everywhere: train stations, bus stations, airports, hospitals and even on the streets. Some of them carrying guns. Tighter security measures?

Back to weather again, Wimbeldon has been hit by unsettled weather. So not very fun watching it since lots of games has been postponed.

Hahaha... so there you have it. Shows that I've been watching the news. Today. ;P

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