Tuesday, 3 July 2007

summer's here

Walking in my business suit on such a warm day is not very pleasant. I couldn't wait to get out of it and just bask in the sun enjoying the summer days. Now that it has finally arrive. I hope so. Fingers crossing!!!

As soon as I could, met up with TS and we went for a walk around Aberdeen towards Johnstone Gardens. We then just hang out for hours there. Or at least I think it seemed like hours. Basking in the sun. Catching up on the lastest gossips and news. Sharing banters and sorrows (haha!). Just soaking up the sunshine was amazing! Both of us got a little sun burnt, of course it wasn't too obvious on me. So I think.

We found some swings not far from the gardens. It was nice and new. I had been longing for swings. It was good. We sat on the swings until we felt sick. It was so funny. Is age catching up then?

Having walks on a beautiful day like today around Aberdeen is just so amazing. The company made the journey more enjoyable, although not all are good news.

We later got ourselves to Duthie Park where we enjoyed an evening of opera, Tosca in the open air. It was really good. A great ending to a glorious day. We should have more summer days like this. More big screen events.

I'm so looking forward to more days like this.

Thanks for the company. It was just amazing!

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