Tuesday, 10 July 2007

sun kissed

TS was reading my blog the other night and sniggered at my post on Summer's Here. Truth is that after that beautiful day, it then rained for four days straight. :(

So when today turned out to be an absolutely beautiful and warm hot day, I was kicking myself having agreed to work in the restaurant. *Sigh* And it does show how fast time flies. Okay, me having not wore a watch for a long time didn't really look at the time to know how time had passed. Anyways, I told myself that after I do this, this, that and that, I will steal some time to go and sit out in the sun.

But before I realised, it was already dinner time and most of my tasks were not done! (grumble grumble...)

I remember coming back from my trip to Lerwick, everyone was asking if I had some sun. Then I would be thinking, well it wasn't that sunny in Shetland at all. Yes, there were some sun but maybe because it was very windy and cooling, I didn't realised that I was getting some sun. Thinking back, I think the biggest culprit would be during my return trip, I was sitting on the top deck of the ferry soaking the evening sun. I think that should be where I got my sun.

So, one evening after I got back from my trip, when I first saw AC, we were walking to meet James and Jen for tea (dinner) and drinks...

AC: You got some sun.
ennazus: Well, that's what everyone is saying. I'm not too sure.
AC: Do you use fake tan then?
ennazus: I don't do fake tan.
AC: Well, if you didn't get the sun, you must have tons of make up on.
ennazus: .... I hardly put on much make up. Only mascara.


Anyways, after last week of sun basking, which I totally enjoy, I am so looking forward to my next chance for sun basking. I hope tomorrow would be a beautiful and warm day.

I just so love my sun kissed skin. Someone said that I looked better with a tan. Ooohhh...

Come on summer, its about time!!!

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