Monday, 2 July 2007


Lazy Sunday...

Well, I sort of live up to the term. But then again, not really.

I like this 'secret' (taken a while ago from Post Secret). I think it is so true of me.

I know that in the past when something really bothers me, I will be cleaning away there. Scrubbing everything I can get hold of. Just filling up my time.

Today (Sunday), I thought it is about time that I put some effort to clean my flat. So it got a really good hoovering (vacuuming); some cleaning, some, cause I think I could have done more; did my laundry (it was big!) and a little sorting my bills out. Hmmm... not too bad actually.

I find cleaning very therapeutic. Okay, I know I'm not the cleanest or neatest at times. But after lots of training (heck, I was a cleaner once) and having the eye for detail, I can be quite particular when I clean, that is when I do, *erhem*, clean.

I remember one aunty walking past my bedroom at home once and commented 'is that a girl's bedroom or a guys?' What happens is that I have two tables in my room: one is a study table, or rather a table to pile my stuff (which the habit never seems to be rid of), and another was the computer table, yet again, pile with stuff (recurring theme?!). And then there will be stacks of papers and notes and what nots dotted or rather arranged, rather neatly around the floor. Organised chaos? Anyways, there will be path from the door to my bed.

Its not the neatest of all rooms but somehow I think it is just a very bad habit that our family has. Those who really know us, knows that our large dining table back home is always full of stuff. One reason is possibly we don't eat at that table so we use to do work or pile stuff on it.

The only time our home looks neat is whenever we have visitors or parties. In many ways, it has become an incentive for us to have parties so that our home looks neat. Somehow, someway that is the same now that I have my own place.

Now, I just have to go through my pile of mails, read the papers, clear the dining table, sort out more of the junk and I'm somewhere through the mountains of rubbish I have accumulated. Maybe organise a party to celebrate the tidiness?

But, I better go to bed. Glasgow awaits! Hopefully no more terrorist sucide bombers...

Tata... x

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