Thursday, 12 July 2007

summer graduations

It’s graduation week at RGU. AU had their’s last week.

The three days of buzz between Music Hall and RGU:Union with graduands and graduates wearing their finest, wearing their robes and wearing the broadest smile on their faces, happens twice a year here. This is summer graduation. Parents and friends grace the occasion, proud of the graduates’ achievements.

Years of slaving for exams and/or resits, courseworks, projects and for some, placements, have finally come to an end. No more dragging your body out of bed early morning hung over from the night before, only to be caught in the early morning rush to get to class on time, then, the struggle to stay awake throughout the lectures. Wait a minute, what makes you think that this is not going to happen in future anyway? Okay, maybe in a more sensible way, given the benefit of the doubt.

However, Scotland being Scotland, I heard that it is so common for people to call in sick because they were hung over from the night before/overslept/just couldn’t be arsed to go in (work or classes) at all.

Anyways, it’s time to let go of cheap drinks. Move on without the freebies from Fresher’s Fayre. The student discounts. The letting go and moving on to things more substantial. Reality.

And it is time for all if not most to go out to the real world. To face the stark reality of paying proper taxes: income tax, NI deductions, council tax; student loans and what nots. Guess that is why I am still enjoying my so called student life.

Living in a life of denial.

*Sigh...* I love graduations. I had done it three times now. And I’m waiting for invitations to attend one day, to cheer and feel proud for their achievements. Hmmm… should I do it another time (graduating) just for old time’s sake?

Man! Will it become a vicious cycle? A bad habit? Or maybe even a bad dream?

Somehow there is a buzz, a high from it. Is it because it is the end? It is the beginning? Is it because of the new clothes? Is it the robes? Is it the graduation meals? Is it the graduation ball? Is it the strawberries and champagne in the quadrangle? Is it the photography? Is it the getting away, the escape?

Well, whatever it is, I’m going to give it a miss this time round. I missed it yesterday and I will probably try to avoid the crowd today. And I definitely am not going to stay around for Friday. Not that there is a need for it, for any days.

I will be going away on a road trip, a short road trip. More distractions to my (so called) chaotic life.

Congratulations graduates! It’s your day. And I hope you enjoy every moment of it!

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