Friday, 13 July 2007

road trip 279 miles

Am rather knackered from my road trip through the Cairngorms.

I had been invited to speak on Rotaract at District 1010's girls' RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) in Nethy Bridge today. So, hired a car and dragged TS along on the road trip.

It was a great trip, I would say.

We left on Thursday afternoon. Almost got a parking ticket because we forgotten to check the time on the parking ticket, and it has expired when we got back to the car. The warden was just about to print the ticket and all that came out of my mouth was 'NooooOOOoOooOooooOo...' Luckily he was nice and haven't printed it. *Phew!* That was even before we left Aberdeen!!!

After recomposing myself, we then head off. Since we had so much time, the journey allows us to stop anywhere we want. Me loving to drive and he being the guide/navigator/photographer.

It has been a while since I last drove and the route we took was just excellent! Just perfect for me since I love different terrains.

Along the way, we had pronounciation lessons since I have some difficulties in pronouncing some words. We drove by many towns and stopped at Tarland for some pics, passed by the ski town/area (during winter) of Lecht and then arrived at Nethy Bridge. Since we were early and didn't want to go to the camp, we then head on south to Aviemore and have our dinner there.

It was my first time to Aviemore, another ski town/resort during winter. I think it is a very touristy ski resort town. It's not grand as a ski resort, which IMHO could have been much better. Anyways, there is a really nice train station, which both of us think that all train stations in Scotland should have been conserved this way. Anyways, there is a The North Face outlet shop and I so wanted to shop there, but it was closed. *Sigh...* Too bad.

We then realised that time flies and it was getting late. So we hurriedly got to Abernethy Trust Outdoor Centre and arrived just in time for supper. Talk about timing!

Had a minor panic attacked when we tried to open the file for the next day's presentation. Apparently the file was not recognised! I was kinda lost for words. But luckily I had older similar files on my pen drive. Some amending and downloading pictures in the morning, my presentation was ready. *Phew!* again.

Did my presentation this morning, which I am glad was good. Had been invited to speak again next year. Yaaay!! Road trip? Since we weren't prepared for outdoor activities, we had to kindly turn down joining the girls. Its my fault actually.

We then head out for more galavanting, which those who don't know me by now, means more driving around aimlessly.

Arrived in Grantown-on-Spey for brunch (toasties, yum!). Again, my first time here. It is a really Really nice town! I had to use words like 'blast from the past' to describe the town, that our friend couldn't help sniggering at me! We went to a traditional sweet shop and bought some sweets there. I was literally a child in a sweet shop! I guess TS had a time of his life watching me or he may just be so embarassed at me! I couldn't help but ask the owner if I could take pics in his shop, obviously after I bought a bag of 'Soor Plooms' (Yum!). Such a tourist!

I found my daddy's car here too! I wonder if it got lost to Scotland! hehehee...

Since TS has never been to a whisky distillery, I sort of forced him to go to one. The next one that came along was Cardhu distillery, who distills whisky for Johnny Walker. Good, since I've never been to this one before.

After our wee tour, we then head on to a place called Blacksboat. So with my trusty navigator's instincts (since he actually been there in the past before) we then head off. Drive drive drive, only to realised we are at Cardhu AGAIN! You can imagine my expression 'CARDHU!'. Of course he never heard the end of it, even after we finally found the place. It was just so so funny!

We then finally head home. Funny thing, now that I am looking at the map, I just realised that we took a really huge round back to almost Grantown-on-Spey! However, however(!), I can't deny it was a good drive.

And like any The Company slaves, we had to stop by The Company's outlet in Westhill. We need a life man!

Having a car definitely has its advantages. We had to have one last detour before home, my favourite place in Aberdeen, Balmedie beach. Glad TS loved it, the undiscovered part of Aberdeen for him.

I better head off to bed now, I am so knackered. Tomorrow is another long day.

Thanks again to a wonderful Friday 13th. Am really thankful for your companion!

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