Sunday, 1 July 2007


Had a somewhat hectic day. Somewhat.

After work I was going to Jen's birthday meal and then to Tracy's for her birthday celebration as well.

Honestly, I like the busyness of this. The flaffing and fretting going about it. On top of that the part that I didn't like was a minor crisis.

Crisis. Huh?!

Anyways, the meal at Jewel in the Crown was good (check out the website!). My first time there and the food was really nice. I had the prawn briyani, which was just nice for me. It was a big portion but I managed to finish. More importantly it was not very spicy. Just nice.

There were twenty of us and I know probably a handful. Made new friends as well. Most of those who were there were church members from Jen and James's church. It was good to hang out with young people. Bring back some memories. ;) Great fellowship.

After the meal I went off to Tracy's. Tracy has a very nice duplex (if that is how you call it). Double storey flat in a masonette. Each flat in the block are double storey. Anyways we catch up, played drinking games, chatted and just enjoy each other's company.

It was one of the nights that I stayed out real late. Probably the first time I stayed out so late. I only got home to bed around 5:30am! Its great that I didn't really have much to do this morning, so I can just lie in without the alarm. But then of course, I managed to wake up early. Somehow. Even I wanted to lie in. Oh well...

To Jen and Tracy, thanks for having me as part of your birthday celebrations. Best wishes for the year and love always. xx

Drink log: one vodka orange, one apple sourz, numerous gin and tonic (couldn't be bothered with counting... possibly between 5-7 or more... hmm...)

Now what shall I do for my birthday in 20 days time? Hmmm....

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