Friday, 3 August 2007

face it

I've been rather stressed out with events that had been coming my way.

One thing that I didn't really expect, even though I DID read the post a few times, that Andrew's friend Ethan would have fake Andrew's death.

Of course it touched a nerve Ethan.

But at the end of the day, I'm glad it wasn't true. And yes, as gullible as I was, I did suspected the integrity of the post but I guess death is definitely not something you toy about. Yet, Ethan did it. Your writing is definitely commendable. Hats off to you!

That aside, looking for a flat in a city that you knew hardly of, is not easy.

I'm thankful for technology that I can find for flats online. But not understanding and knowing the location is somewhat stressful. Thank God a quick call to Craig made me felt a little calmer.

Yes, I know I have probably quite a lot of time. I shouldn't really rush it. But I guess I can be quite critical at stuff at times.

As much as it is nice to know that I don't have to start work until a week on Monday and that I'm so blessed to be paid for sorting things out, it is not an excuse not to get things done. Okay, I know I'm just stressing myself out unnecessarily.

Maybe I should just ignore all the logistics and issues, go and vegetate in the cinema watching one movie after another. hmmm...

There are so many questions that I want to ask. So many advice I want to seek. By giving a certain degree of respect to some, sometimes I feel that I'm not getting what I really want. Even worst, how can I politely turn down what I don't want?

At the end of the day, I guess one just have to be ruthless.

I know I'm different, complicated and fussy, not all in that order. Or maybe in that order, who knows?!

Whatever it is, I have to plough on. Stress less and get on with it.

It's the weekend after all...

By the way, I've finally got my provisional driving license. That was really fast!

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shle3pyb4by said...

hey there...hi! *smile*
i just got the chance to read thru wht's in here. seems like, ure moving from one place to another? yuppp! moving out and finding places in europe, is such a headache! (my-own-girly-opinion..hehehe). so, have you found a place? good luck! thanks for reading thru my crappy stuff! i dont think im as good as u!! kudos to u! *wink*