Monday, 27 August 2007

just my luck

Last weekend I took the bus up the road as my usual weekend routine.

Unfortunately, the bus was delayed for about 20 minutes in Glasgow. Fine. Got on the top deck of the bus and then fell asleep within minutes. Everything seems well while we pass through the normal destinations: Perth and Dundee.

In my mind, I think that when we arrive in Perth, it is another hour to Dundee. And then from Dundee it is about another hour or so to home. However, not long after leaving Dundee, I was jolted by the swerving of the bus. With what little knowledge of vehicles, I knew what the swerving means.

In my mind, I was like ‘please do not tell me it’s a burst tyre.’ The bus slowed down and not far ahead was a lay by. Bus stopped. Driver got off. Inspected. Then came back in the bus. Still not moving. Then people started getting off the bus.

Okay, people looking, smoking their cigarettes and busy bodying out there. I won’t be surprise it was a burst tyre, but where is the announcement? 10 minutes later, Mr. Bus Driver came up the top deck to say that there is a burst tyre and a bus is out on its way.

Great! -__-

Quick text home. And then more waiting. Finally a bus came and took about 55 or so of us. Just as I have loaded my luggage and climbed on the bus, Mr. Bus Driver said the bus was full. Right. So I had to wait for the actual rescue bus. This was the 6:45pm bus from Glasgow to Aberdeen.

So there we were three passengers and Mr. Bus Driver. Four other passengers got a lift into Aberdeen.

Mr. BD was nice and in the most responsible manner, brought us over to the other side of the bus to see the burst tyre. It was really bad. Being the back tyre of the driver’s side, Mr. BD couldn’t carry on the journey, even though the bus was a six wheeler. Had one of the middle ones burst, we could still make the remainder 45 minutes journey.

The waiting for the rescue bus didn’t seem too long as Mr. BD was a really nice chap keeping me and Singaporean girl company. The other passenger didn’t join us. Not long after that, the rescue bus came and Mr. BD continued the journey back.

It was kinda cool. Kinda. Since there were only three of us on the bus and Mr. BD.

We finally arrived in Aberdeen two hours later than scheduled. I don’t deny that it is not a great start to the weekend but I am thankful that we arrived safely. Commends to Mr. BD even though it was his first experience with a burst tyre, he handled the situation very well.

Now, I just need to send in my complaint letter. Might just get a refund. Fingers crossing!

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