Thursday, 23 August 2007

sunshine and happiness

Yesterday’s weather was just wonderful. Saw the weather forecast the day before that it will be 22°c but I won’t be surprise it was more than that.

Spent an hour lunch sitting in the sun with AD. It was too nice that we didn’t want to get back to work. If only…

After work, it was still warm and sunny. So I went to the Botanic Gardens. The garden was busier than usual with the wonderful weather. Had a quick visit of Kibble Palace before finding a nice patch of grass to settle down.

It is not easy when sitting on a slope wearing white skirt. Luckily I had my jacket with me so I can sit on it. It was so nice and warm, having the evening sun beating down. After a while, I turned and lie on my stomach reading. But it was just too nice. Eventually the book became my face rest, listening to Texas, I then fall in and out of sleep under the sun. Doing what I love most, lying on the grass.


If TOH was here it would have made it all perfect!

I think I’m much tanner than him now. He is so going to be teased by me.

Am hoping the weather will stay on nice today. The Client Company has organised a BBQ on the boat at Loch Lomond. Almost didn’t get to go because of logistics issue. But all is good. We even get to finish an hour early!

Am counting the hours. BBQ. Beautiful Loch Lomond, that I have heard so much about (click for pictures).

What more can I ask for in a new job?

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