Tuesday, 7 August 2007

it's here!

Guess what finally arrived!!!

Three things:
#1. My much awaited ipod video (black!)
#2. Western Digital My Book external drive
#3. Second birthday card from POCO (since the first one didn't arrived)

After much contemplation of getting an ipod, I finally took the plunge of buying it from Amazon with the external drive that POCO recommended a while ago.

I can't let POCO know that I bought an ipod, he will flip! I mean FLIP! He is so against ipod, for reasons probably only known to him, okie, he did tell me why...

Anyways, my first encounter with an ipod was TS's. I was very impressed by what this small object can do and being a sucker for packaging it is only a matter of time before I get my hands on one.

I'm not sure when those white distinctively looking headphones first appear, whether it was ipod or not. I remember once on the bus after tuition classes, my best friend June and I saw this boy with white headphones (or was it beige? hmmm.. ) that we first laugh at it. Mind you, that was easily twelve years ago. Well, I think it of course wouldn't have been ipod.. hehhee..

Now, you want to be caught with having an ipod! No more black headphones, unless you get those really good ones, huge black headphones. hehhee..

I'm so pleased with my newest indulgence. Though, I must slap my wrist for spending impulsively... Yikes!

Am a bit disappointed that I won't be able to attend Gary Straker's steel pan workshop as all the places were full. But am looking forward to David Buckingham's performance tonight and his workshop tomorrow morning.