Tuesday, 28 August 2007

self inflicted stress

Few weeks back, there was a conversation about stress. Stress eventually just boils down to: it happens because we impose or inflict them to our life.

Does seem as if we have nothing better to do with our time than to put pressure and stress on ourselves.

Think about it.

How many times when you feel stress, you can actually avoid it?

Some may say, ‘but how can I avoid it if, say, people around me are not so clever and make me stress?

The answer to that one is to a) ignore or b) tackle the problem.

I think the only person that can be blame for stress is ourselves.

How often we let things get to us?

How often we let things get out of hand and make us depress/upset/stress?

This whole looking for flat business is getting way out of hand.

Everyday I pore over properties after properties online (sadly, that is the main thing I do at work, and I’m not even a property surveyor/consultant. Enough said!). Sieving through all that is on offer, dropping emails to companies and calling some of them to book for viewings.

Why is it so difficult to find something I like, affordable, view it, sign the paper and be done with it?

My dateline for the property in Aberdeen is drawing nearer. The temporary accommodation I am in will not be available once the students get back to uni. Still I have not found a flat.

The few that I thought I was going to view, eventually had its own problems/issues. It is just so frustrating!!!

TOH was so sweet and understanding. He just said to me not to be so hard on myself. But at the same time said that he understands that I am hard to myself because I want to get things done.

So as usual, whenever I’m overly stressed on something, I fall sick.


How many times in the past six months I have fallen sick because of stress?!

I’m not the kind that even fall sick but the times in the past six months is just appalling!

Anyways, like it or not, I have to plough on.

I better get back to looking at more properties while waiting for real work to arrive.

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