Tuesday, 21 August 2007

internet convenience

We don’t realise a lot of things or convenience we had until it is taken away from us.

Having the convenience of broadband internet access as and when I need at home was excellent! Last week for the first time in a while I felt very bored even though having internet access.

It is most annoying when you are faced with the following notice:

Http: Error
Status: 403 Prohibit
Description: Organizational Policies Prohibit access to this page
Note: If necessary, please contact your System Administrator for resolution

After a few browsing here and there and my usual routine works, I’ve discovered that quite a few sites fall under this category.

For instance, I was trying to access to Ikea’s website last week and it showed the same message! Otherwise, some sites will load but no pictures appear.

So it is very annoying that I can’t check mail. I can’t even check my company mail. I can’t even let my company know my forwarding office email as my network access has not been set up over here at the Client’s site. How annoying!

Maybe I should go and have a word with my System Administrator and let them know that I need those access for my daily function.

However, am so glad today. The Big Guy arranged for my user account and thus I now have email access. A bit of relieve there.

Also, I managed to find out that I can get free one hour access per day from the local library. I think it is really good especially I’m considered as a ‘Visitor to Glasgow’. Still, it was annoying to find out that some social networking sites I can access and others that I can’t.

Without much or limited time for web base email access, I can only hope and pray that people don’t forward mails to me. Fingers and toes crossing.

It’s been a while since I used a local library internet access. It never fails to give me a buzz of ‘excitement’. Seeing the counting down clock at the bottom screen ticking every minute away, pushes you to type faster than normal, curse more (even if have to be whispered because it is a library) when the page uploads at super slow speed, and forwarded mails just pile up because they are not important enough to read with the clock ticking away.

It is during these times that you realised how much time each of us actually spend online.

I’m glad that I can still access to blogger from work so I can still blog. Although I must admit that I should spend only a reasonable amount on it. And I better touch wood before I jinx it.

The student accommodation I live in temporarily has internet access. But last weekend I tried to start up my laptop but it cannot upload because of corrupted system files. Need to get POCO to look at it. No laptop, no access, equals to too much annoyance!

Must contain those stress spots/pimples and grey hairs.

Let’s hope I find a flat soon, set up my access and go back to my normal routine.

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