Friday, 24 August 2007

the morning after

The office looked rather quiet this morning. It took about an hour or so before the rest of the people turned up.

It was indeed a great night.

The evening sun was beating down. People mingled. The free bar helps. It was quite a few drinks before folks get fed. By then everyone was in a really good mood.

Yes, the weather did play a big role. Those who were there looked tanned this morning.

The location was beautiful. Mesmerising. The BBQ was on the docked Maid of the Loch. Everyone was relaxed. There were 230 of us. Wow! It was a feat feeding us all. The girl who was doing the BBQ must be commended on her efforts but there should have been more people helping her and there should have been more food.

I need a good helping of food if I’m drinking!

Oh well, it was a really good night no doubt about it. There were so many names to remember. So many Johns until I was confused. Maybe I should start calling every guy John. ;P Not a good idea I think.

Drink log: four bottles of Magners, two bottles of Corona, one glass of Bucks Fizz, a wee dram of whisky on rocks

Today, another desk. After so many times sitting at desk with the mouse on my left, it was really weird having to reach out my left hand to nothing.

Desk log for this week: three
Desk log for last week: four

Can't wait to get my own desk.

Funny this morning, when I tried to zip up my bag it was easy to zip compared to last Sunday. Was rather perplexed.

I dropped my iPod in the kitchen today. Felt a tug and then in my mind was like ‘oh nooo…’. Everything seemed in slow motion. The iPod flew across from the breakfast stool. It yanked off from the headphones. Next thing I heard was this loud smack on the floor. My heart just ached, so badly. Oh my poor iPod! My aching heart… Now it has a chip. So sad. It’s not even a month old I think.

Catching up on Kenny Sia’s blog, he was reviewing the iPhone. It looks really fine. Should I get one? Hmmm…

This weekend is the opening of new Apple Store on Buchanan Street and I’m away! Free shirts giveaway to first 1,500. I think I will try to get my Tuesdays occupied with free live concerts at the store.

p.s.: Posting #100. Yaay!!!

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