Sunday, 5 August 2007

music filled week

Last night's AIYF: World Music Night was just amazing!

It was my first experience of musical concert in the Music Hall even though I had visited the place on numerous occasions: graduations and career fairs.

It was really different compared to going to a concert at the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas (Petronas Philharmonic Hall). There was no announcement that the concert was about to start but concert goers were very 'disciplined' if that is the right word to use! When the lights dimmed, the hall was quiet and the concert started promptly. No numerous announcements to remind concert goers the dos and don'ts. It was the same for intervals as well. I was very impressed.

But then again, my last trip to the Dewan was quite a few years now. Things may be different now, who knows...

Music Hall is not as majestic as the Dewan but what was more important was the performances.

The concert started with Gary Straker's Pan School, followed by Edinburgh National Youth Choir of Scotland (NYCos), then by Ian Watt on the classical guitar, Kutapira and after the interval was Ceol Mor.

I was pleased to know now the name of the instrument that I was in awed of for quite a while, steel pan. I first saw a pan performer busking along Westminster and was very impressed at the instrument. You've got to hear it to understand what I meant!

Kutapira was another one of my favourites. The members were a very talented group, some playing more than one instrument or changing instruments in a performance. Same goes for Ceol Mor.

What I liked most about the concert is that it was a diversified concert, a taste of music from around the world. Of course, I can't deny that I would love to hear more of the steel pans and the percussion ensemble, Kutapira.

What I would have loved most was for all the performances come together and do a finale. It would have been a great closing for the night. Who knows, there may be something like this on the Festival Finale, which by the way I have bought ticket to! Am so looking forward to it!!!

The walk home was really nice as it was a really cool and breezy night, it would have been a really nice night to just sit in the garden and chat the night away, kind of night.

Now, I'm torn what I'm going to do next August!

Today I finally got my windows washed. After almost two years of living in this flat and saying so often that I will go and wash it, I finally got the deed done. And I must admit, I got a little emotional! Because the windows are so clean now! What a little work can do wonders! Am so going to take pics of it! Yeah, I know I need a life...

Next week, it will be days spending in front of the computer looking for flats (I hope!). I will be working at the restaurant on Monday, but the rest of the week is going to be busy (which I am sooo loving it!). Tuesday night: David Buckingham in Blue Lamp, Wednesday morning: guitar workshop with David Buckingham, Wednesday evening: Rotaract gathering (it's been too long!), Friday morning: pan workshop with Gary Straker's Pan School, Saturday night: Festival Finale! and Sunday: going down the road after church.

I need to call to book my music workshops tomorrow! Soooo excited!

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