Monday, 4 May 2009

Late evenings and late nights has prolly taken a toll on the body.

Down with cold last week. Luckily (almost) cured in time for our outing to Yellowcraigs on Saturday.

Glorious day for a picnic. My friend Chuah was generous in all ways and effort to prepare a wonderful spread for the picnic - nasi lemak, chicken rendang (so full of flavour and the burnt bits was the yummiest!), fried mee hoon, fried chicken, sausages, vegetable rolls, and the assortment of cakes. Too bad didn’t managed to take any pics of the food. Long story.

It was really windy. I don’t remember any time I had food with lots of sand. I’m sure some point in my life, sometime ago.

It was great walking about the beach, tossing the Frisbee and a torpedo thing with a whistle. My arms were aching the next day. Made TOH ran miles to pick up the Frisbee, interestingly it was mostly when I toss them. Ooopss...

The girls tried in vain to fly the kite. Somehow something wasn’t right.

How can a group of 14 not take any pics for the day? After numerous NG takes, this is the one that got loose.

We then head to Edinburgh for dinner - Chinese buffet steamboat. Not the best. I have my reasons.

Long day. We went home tanned and the few mat sallehs were burnt.


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Lee Heng Chuah said...

I love your blog. I am so touching reading your blog here. Teach me english....You english is fantastic.