Thursday, 14 May 2009


The MPs expenses scandal continues...

Was in the kitchen earlier watching the news and can’t help wondering how in the world can MPs ‘accidentally’ claim or submitted expenses by ‘mistake’.



Does one not review their expenses before submitting?

I mean how can it be a mistake if one has to (typically) fill in an expenses claim form, submits receipt and get it approved?


And again, who approves or scrutinise before approval???


What has been happening in the past weeks of the expenses scandal revelation are MPs showing off on TV the cheques they have signed off to be submitted to Inland Revenue and an apology.

‘Oopps, you’ve caught me. Here’s the refund. I’m sorry.’ And then get back to their work.

Whether or not it is going to happen again, who knows?

Some of the mistakes seemed so deliberate that it can be classified as fraud!

And all it takes is here is the money, sorry, and back to work.

In a typical organisation, if you are caught for fraud, what happens to you?

You lose your job and might even be arrested!

Noo... MPs have special immunity.

So, why being a British MP is the best job in the world?

#1. High salary: £64,766

#2. Unlimited expenses claim. Even though there are rules to it.

#3. Immunity on ‘mistakes’

Once again, good life for some...

Anyways, well done to those who were sensible enough not to abuse their expenses claims rights.

Why is this topic the ‘highlight’ of my day?

Well, just because these MPs are using my tax money to fund for their ‘extravagant’ lifestyle!

I'm curious to what are the allowable expenses for Malaysian politicans? Hmmm...?


Anonymous said...

So you didn't know politicians are allowed to do everything they want to do??


Suzanne said...

I'm sure politicians do what they think they can get away with. I don't trust politicians, no matter wherever in the world.

Bubbles said...

Thanks for this post. I've always been so frustrated on how my tax money here in Malaysia is being spent and the wonderful lives MPs have due to the people's hard work. So it's the same in the UK huh? Thought they had a much better system there. Oh well. Politicians are the same around the world.

Suzanne said...

This is developed country for us all. Oh well... Don't seemed like there is much we can do. Or can we?

Bubbles said...

Doesn't seem like it unless every stands up against it but i think that's going to be a losing battle.