Monday, 11 April 2011


I am having one of those days.

Those my-instinct-is-telling-me-something-is-not-good-feeling day.

Perhaps I am tired.

Lack of sleep last night and the early drive down this morning.

Perhaps it is Monday.


I have been thinking about being honest.

I am wondering how many people really care if you are honest?

Sometimes I do wonder how much honesty does people really care?

Often times I have to remind myself to "shutup".


I could share rant on more but will reserve my breath for now.


A slight preview of what I am going to make tomorrow night. *smiles*

For now I want to relieve our holiday in Majorca.


spydernat said...

Oh - I'm completely hopeless! What did you end up making with these ingredients? Bak kut teh? :)


Suzanne said...

I made Zhong! ^^ xx