Wednesday, 6 April 2011


As the Magners Glasgow International Comedy Festival 2011 draws to an end, I was disappointed that I only managed to catch one show out of the hundreds that was available.

And I was meant to blog about this a few weeks back but just have not come to do it.

Anyways, my gf Karen and I caught the Curry Comedy a few weeks back at Slumdog Bar & Kitchen. Reflecting on our night out, we got more than we bargained for!

The tickets were slightly more expensive on a Thursday evening compared to a Sunday lunch show. But just ever so slightly. The food was yummy, and it was good that it was buffet, so I had the chance to stuff my face further (with slight guilt). The varied spread gave us a chance to try what Slumdog could offer and they did not disappoint. Slumdog's comprehensive drinks menu easily catered for anyone, especially their list of cocktails and non-alcoholic cocktails.

Although it was a buffet meal, the food was fresh, the staff were friendly and the service was excellent.

After we had been fed and watered, the comedy commenced promptly.

This brings me to my second 'more than we bargained for'. When we booked the tickets we thought it was going to be a comedy about curry and Glasgow history. But looking back, there wasn't a joke about curry. Instead we were entertained by a compere who tried his very hardest to get the crowd, in his words "lubricated". We were a tough crowd, a "slow burner".

Unfortunately, it has been weeks and I cannot remember his name but I remembered his jokes. The same goes for our first comedian. Some of his "jokes" were a bit too much information. I have only vague memory of the second comedian. *Sorry!*

Karen and I both love our third and main act, Des Clarke with an "e". We were gob smacked, Des Clarke!

Both of us love Des - I used to listen to him when he was part of Des and Vanessa on Galaxy FM (Scotland) (which I had stopped listening to because of the lengthy advertisements); and Karen still listens to Des on Capital FM (Scotland) whom he is working with now.

We loved Des' gig and the pace of it, and thought it was a pleasant surprise.

Overall, it was a fantastic girls' night out as it was good to hang out with Karen and catch up. The pre-comedy joke of my embarrassing moment earlier in the afternoon provided a good start to the night.

Anyways, head over to the Magners Glasgow International Comedy Festival website to soak up the last of the programmes. The festival ends on Sunday 10 April. I've been on the comedy pub crawl "Stand Up Drink Up" three years ago (that long ago!) and it was a great night out.

Also, we'll be definitely going back to Slumdog Bar & Kitchen for the delicious food, lovely atmosphere and fantastic service.

Now, I better get back to catching up on my APC Diary.

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